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Search Engine Marketing

To maximize results in the hyper-competitive and technical SEM landscape, you need robust technology, insightful analysis, and innovative thinking. Catalyst has been managing Paid Search campaigns since the industry’s inception, and is a leader in comprehensive and scalable SEM.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We are experts at increasing your brand’s visibility online so that you can be found at precisely the moment your audience is looking for solutions, products and services. We focus on improving the value of all your brand’s digital assets in compliance with SEO best practices and search engine guidelines.

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Paid Social

Social Media Advertising is about reaching individuals – that’s why we build all of our campaigns based on our insights about real people. No matter the underlying business objective, we craft social media campaigns to be thoughtful, intelligent, and precise and ultimately delivering tangible, measurable results.

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Our team is specialized and certified in delivering media across Google, Amazon and Adobe programmatic platforms. Through unique brand-safe placements, unrivaled programmatic expertise, and 360 data with proprietary artificial intelligence, our media delivers the strongest outcomes.

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Data & Analytics

GroupM has invested $90M globally in proprietary data and technology to provide a unique and customizable offering. As part of GroupM, Catalyst has access to the proprietary research, studies, and technology required to build data and analytics solutions that address each client's business demands.

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Audience Strategy

The success of any campaign is more than just the sum of its channels. Through concise planning and audience strategy we develop tactics that marry targeting, timeliness, data, and innovative products. These delivered results satisfy long-term brand goals as well as short-term business objectives.

Our process

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Develop strategy and tactics, on-board clients, define audiences and develop campaigns.

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Insight & learning

Provide ongoing analysis. Deliver unique insights, learnings and recommendations.

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Brief & Proposal

Receive brief, conduct research, formulate recommendations and submit proposal.

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Launch & Optimize

Activate campaign delivery afterapprovals. Optimize campaigns daily and set up cadence for reporting.

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Iterate & Improve

Understand how to integrate “what worked” in to future projects.

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