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Catalyst is primarily a performance marketing agency. Among our group of in-house experts and platform-specific teams, our overarching goal is to provide best-in-class business results for our clients.

We can provide services specific to your needs, whether that be supplemental channel specific consultation, or a full-service digital marketing strategic partner.

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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Paid Social

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Data & Analytics

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Audience Strategy

Our process

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Develop strategy and tactics, on-board clients, define audiences and develop campaigns.

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Insight & learning

Provide ongoing analysis. Deliver unique insights, learnings and recommendations.

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Brief & Proposal

Receive brief, conduct research, formulate recommendations and submit proposal.

step 2

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Launch & Optimize

Activate campaign delivery after approvals. Optimize campaigns daily and set up cadence for reporting.

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Iterate & Improve

Understand how to integrate “what worked” into future projects.

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Let’s Work Together

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Work With Us

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